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The first Portuguese Water Dog came to live with us in 1987 just 3 years after the breed was first granted full AKC (American Kennel Club) recognition. We were looking for a dog that was intelligent; medium sized and didn’t shed like other dogs. The ideal dog was a companion that was loyal, pleasant to look at and live with, and a dog that could compete in many AKC events
HIT Ch Mariner Oceania CDX MX MXJ RN CWDX GROM (Annie)

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America diligently began to develop a “true test” for the water working ability of this breed. In the late 1980’s I helped develop the current PWDCA water trial test that is in use today. Since that time I have been a sanctioned judge by the PWDCA and have judged pwd water trials through out the country. Additionally, I serve on the PWDCA national water trial committee. As a result of my love for pwds and my active involvement in developing water trial tests, I wrote the only water training book available specifically for PWD’s. The book, “Diving into Water Training for The Portuguese Water Dog,”

In 1988 the Lone Star Portuguese Water Dog Club was born from a small group in the Houston area. I was one of the four founding members. Many years later the small club is still active giving water trials and I have served the club in numerous capacities as board member trial chair and mentor to new members. In addition to PWD activities we are members of a local obedience club. We have served as officers, training director and instructors for member and public classes.

Our Portuguese Water Dogs compete in breed, obedience, agility, water work, tracking and flyball. PWDs we’ve bred have also been used in Search and Rescue and therapy dog work.

At Mariner Kennel we strive to preserve the “look” and “ function” of the breed in accordance with the AKC standard by selective breeding. Dam and stud are chosen on the basis of pedigree, health clearances, temperament, soundness, working ability and adherence to the AKC standard. All puppies are raised at home and are socialized. Because of our commitment to the pwd breed standards, Cindy McCullough and the Mariner Kennel have been designated Breeder of Merit by the AKC.

Cindy McCullough, owner (gone2dog@hal-pc.org)

Mariner PWD's celebrating a successful day at the water trials

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